July news from Jaid

Congrats’ on our last show of the month!  
Check-out the Celebration Board to see results.  We’re off to a great start!

  •  JULY 9 USEF:
    • Ella & Goodie- Champion: walk, trot, canter , Reserve Champion: 1x/2x cross rails
    • Jacelyn & Vanya : 3rds all around!
    • Tristian & Blue: Reserve Champion and Champion
    • Taylor & Mario: Champion, Reserve Champion
    • Haley & Jete: moving up to the Junior 3’3 hunters and placing out of 10+

…and that’s just from SAT!

Good luck to our horse and rider patners at the following upcoming shows: 

  •  July 24 @ WP: Ella, Delaney, Sarah, Hannah, Sydney, Layla
  • Aug 7 USEF @ Chatt: Taylor, Sarah S, Tristan
  • Aug 14 GHJA @ WP: Haley, Ella, Sydney, Avery Delaney
  • Sept 2 USEF @ Aiken : no one has signed up yet
  • Sept 18 GHJA @ WP: Haley, Ella, Avery, Delaney
  • Sept 25 GHJA @WP: Haley, Ella, Delaney

*More to come in Oct and Nov to close out the 2020 season!

 We still have spots for our upcoming shows, just let me know if you want to go!   *Don’t wait, shows are filling up fast, so you must get entries in as soon as they open!

Welcome to the Jaid Family!

  • Our new Academy Riders:  Peggie, Lynda, John, Bryan, Olivia, Leah, Natalie H.
  • Congratulations to Jacelyn on her ½ lease on Vanya.
  • Welcome Avery and Congratulations on your lease on Taylor.

Did you see the new path to the lesson tackroom?  This should help with dirt and mud.  We are also excited about renovating the Wood Barn Boarders’ Tackroom.  I can’t wait for the finished product!

*Our new fly system is being installed.  Get those pesky flies away!   We take pride in our property AND the care of our horses!


Congratulations to Nicole & Jaid on being Awarded as a USHJA Recognized Riding Academy for 2020! This is a national recognition!  We pride ourselves in preparing our riders for success show arena at all level.  Thank you to our amazing lesson horses as well!  

We look forward to some restructuring of our programs to meet the needs of riders better.  We will now be offering Academy steps, starting August 1st!  If you do not know which step is best for you , please as your instructor and make this part of your “Goals & Partnership Planning meeting

***Prices are discounted rates for 4 training units if paid at the 1st  lesson of the month and keeping the same time each week.  If there is a 5th lesson in the month, the additional lesson prorate fee is added or can be used as a make-up lesson. Individual lesson rates also available.

Step 1:  Beginner private lessons $190

Includes learning to tack and un-tack, general horse care and brushing, how to clean the tack.  You are blocked a 50 min spot.  Riding time varies depending on groundwork, generally 15-30 min. Please be on time as we cannot run past your spot. 

Step 2: Intermediate Beginner(private)  $200

Arrive 15-30 min early to start brushing horse on their own and tacking.  At this level you may need some help tacking and that is OK but you can do mostly on your own! Your ride time starts at your lesson start time and will go for 30-40 min. The last of your block is for your instructor to make sure proper horsemanship in putting away horse and tack properly.

Step 3: Advanced Beginner (small group) $200

Arrive 15-30 min early to tack your horse on your own.  Please ask for help as needed! You are learning to ride in a group to prepare you for riding in the show arena with others! You are even starting to jump crossrails- 18’ verticals (no solid jumps-walls, gates). Your ride time is 45-60 depending on size of group (generally 4 and under). Private lesson offered for $275

Step 4: Intermediate- Advanced $250

Arrive 15-30 min early to tack your horse on your own.  Please ask for help as needed! You can jump courses of 2’ – 2’6” with solid fences.  Your ride time is 45-60 depending on size of group (generally 4 and under). Private lessons offered as well $300

All students are required to have their own:

  • an ASTEM Approved Helmet
  • proper riding boots and pants.
  • Fly spray for before lesson and after hose down and Vetroline spray
  • Vetroline shine for after wash down and before fly spray
  • Tack cleaner and sponge or soft cloth for cleaning tack after each lesson
  • Dawn dish soap for washing legs and tail after lesson
  • Hair conditioner for tail (can be any kind conditioner)

*and do NOT forget to get in your Partnership Planning Goal meeting!  We are looking to hear about your short and long term goals!